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ALPINESTARS: World leader in the production of professional motorcycle riding gear & racing products for all motorsport.

It was in 1963 that Sante Mazzarolo, a skilled leatherworker, created what was to become the icon it is today, Alpinestars. He started in the small Northern Italy town of Asolo, surrounded by fields of Alpine Star flowers that inspired the name. He started producing products bearing the name as a new sport called Motocross was beginning to establish itself, gaining popularity across Europe.

Seeing the response to this new sport, Sante recognized the opportunity to use his skills to create an innovative footwear design that would meet the protective needs and demands of the riders. The motocross boot design he came up with has become the archetype for motocross protection ever since.

Eventually, Sante moved his business to Maser, in Northern Italy, where he created a new, ground-breaking motorcycle boot for local enduro and motocross riders in the purpose built, state of the art facility the company now occupied. Some riders had begun importing bikes from overseas, using them to establish the sport of off-road motorcycle racing, and Sante’s new boot design quickly became the industry leader, setting a new standard for racing performance.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Sante continued developing the design, with refinement starting as soon as the first boots hit the market. Incorporating feedback from riders, the success continued, and in the early 1970’s, this produced Alpinestars’ first World Motocross Championship victor, Roger de Coster. He went on to win five World Motocross Championships, and that set the tone for continuous Alpinestars’ success that the company still enjoys today.

In those early years, the innovative and creative output of Sante’s company was recognized through numerous Italian design and product awards, and that reputation was enhanced further with the development of road racing products in the 1970’s. This led to the 1978 win of Kenny Roberts, Alpinestars’ most high-profile Grand Prix World champion.

Development continued throughout this success, Sante determined to lead the market and producing boots for all forms of motorcycling, whether on or off-road, for competitive sports or just the enjoyment of riding. This eventually led to the opening of Alpinestars USA in the mid 1980’s, based in Los Angeles, California.

Always leading the way, Alpinestars released their first technical motorcycle apparel line in the mid 1990’s, while in 1999 this led to the development of high-performance road racing leather suits, developed alongside MotoGP rider Carlos Checa. He was the first to test Alpinestars suits in the sport, and he has continued to be a part of development testing since, alongside many other stars of racing.

Alpinestars is not just a success in the world of two wheels, having started development of auto racing footwear as far back as 1990, and today their products are to be found on the feet of many of the leading Formula 1 and IndyCar drivers, while their auto racing suits continue to go from strength to strength. They have also expanded into non-powered sports, with a range of downhill mountain bike and leisure products rounding out the range.

Since those early beginnings in 1963, Alpinestars has become the world-leading manufacturer of professional racing products, motorcycle airbag protection, high performance apparel and technical footwear. Employing nearly 500 staff worldwide, the company has headquarters in Los Angeles, California, Tokyo, Japan, Northern Italy and Bangkok, Thailand. Using this global reach and extensive talent, each product is tested to the extreme in the cutting-edge environments of Formula 1, World Motocross and MotoGP. Alpinestars has created the most advanced technical equipment for world racing’s top athletes and the results speak for themselves.

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